If Trophy

The If Trophy was introduced by Peter Wilson and is awarded to the Eight that sailed the farthest on her own keel to attend a World Cup.

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Virginie Hériot Cup

Eight Metre Virginie Heriot Cup

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Amsterdam 1928 – Yacht Club de France Trophy

Virginie Hériot (1890 – 1932), member of the Yacht Club de France, honorary quartermaster of the French Navy, emeritus navigator, was famous throughout the world for her elegance, her love of the sea and yachting, her numerous victories in regattas and […]

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Canada’s Cup

A History of the Canada’s Cup

When Canvas was King – by Robert B. Townsend

A match having been arranged in the winter of 1895-96 between the Royal Canadian Yacht Club and the Lincoln Park Yacht Club, Chicago, for a race between top-notch cutters, a syndicate was formed by […]

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Generations Cup

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The Generation Cup will be awarded to the yacht with the best overall score based on the high point system in the respective classes Modern, Sira, Neptune or First rule. The Generations Cup is donated by 8mR yacht Frøya and presented by Yacht Club Langenargen and the Lake Of Constance Eight Metre […]

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Corinthian Trophy

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This trophy was formally known as the Anker Trophy and was acquired on behalf of the International Eight Metre Association (IEMA) at an auction in Sweden in 2022.

This trophy has been presented by a number of Members led by by Werner Deuring, the then […]

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First Rule Cup


All Int. 8-Metres designed prior to 1920 or racing with a gaffrig. The trophy is governed on a permissive rather than restrictive bases by the Lake Constance 8-Metre Association. The First Rule Cup is scored using the results from a separate point scoring system, the positions are however taken from the overall result of each race. In case of doubt, […]

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Neptune Trophy

Rules of the Neptune Trophy –>>


The Neptune trophy was presented to the Royal Northern Yacht Club on the 21st of June 1890 by James Coats jun. as a trophy for the large handicap yachts during Clyde Week. The heavily embossed sterling silver trophy was first engraved “Royal Northern Yacht Club Corinthian Regatta 21 June 1890” and won […]

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Coppa d’Italia


Since the beginning of the twentieth Century, Coppa d’Italia has been one of the most important international Cups, together with the Coupe de France, the scandinavian Gold Cup and la Coupe Internationale du Cercle de la Voile de paris (one ton Cup).

It was donated to reale Yacht Club Italiano in 1898 by […]

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Eight Metre World Cup

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 After the war, the available money was spent on rebuilding Europe and the heavy 8-Metres became a terrifically expensive boat to build. A new generation boats, much lighter and with proportionally less sail area emerged. Somehow the Eights survived, no new boats were built but the old ones proved to be great […]

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