Summer 2026

2026 World Cup – Europa Cup

2026 World Cup / Europa Cup

The members of the IEMA will decide on these events on the annual meeting during the 2023 World Cup in Genoa.

If the 2026 World Cup will be held in a country not part of […]

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Turku 2025

World Cup 4th of August – 10th of August.

2025 World Cup Turku, Finland

Dates are set !!

Mon 4th till Sun 10th of August 2025

More information to follow, once the organisation has any updates.

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Genoa 2023

2023 World Cup Genoa, Italy


Daily Reports

Day 1

8 Metre World Championship
Genoa – August 28th / September 2nd

With the opening ceremony at the headquarters of the Yacht Club Italiano in Genoa, the World Championship of the 8 Metre Class officially started today at 18:00. This championship will see 20 […]

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