Rob Roy

Executive committee member

Rob is a past-President of the North American 8 Metre Association. He is currently a partner in the Norseman syndicate and was once a co-owner of Bangalore. He has been passionate 8mR sailor since the early 1980s.

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Jerry Dodge

Executive committee member
President of the NAEMA

Jerry Dodge is names as the new President of the NAEMA (North America Eight Metre Association)

from the age of around 8 he has been around eight metre yachts. on the water he is sailing onboard modern 8mR Alluette

and like most often, the best men for the jobs are, he was reluctant at first but now […]

Jerry Dodge2022-11-07T21:42:24+01:00

Axel Meyer

Executive committee member

Axel Meyer has been introduced to sailing at a young age. Being the son of Honorary member Fred Meyer, it is easy to understand where his competitiveness, whitt, keen eye and love for boats come from. Axel is an active member in the Suisse fleet sailing from Geneva and is also a committee member […]

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David Vieira


David is a naval architect and an esteemed yacht historian, specialized in the period from 1900 to 1945. His knowledge on design and construction is unrivalled. He rebuilt his 8-Metre Emily in 1996 which resulted in the founding of Absolute Restorations and a further string of restored and recreated Metre boats. A classic yacht man in heart and soul and […]

David Vieira2022-10-21T09:29:30+01:00

Kjell Arne Myrann

8-Metre: Sira – Johan Anker 1938 (boat captain) Kjell Myrann is a highly accomplished sailor, with two world circumnavigations, including the 1981-82 Whitbread on Berge Viking. For 25 years he has been H.M. King Harald’s boat captain & permanent crew on the Framm program, racing a string of IOR, IMS, IRC boats, Maxi’s, Farr 40 and last but not least […]

Kjell Arne Myrann2022-10-21T09:29:23+01:00

Guy-Roland Perrin

Class Measurer

Current Class Measurer and candidate for TC and Class measurer. Guy-Roland has been the measurer for the 8-Metres since 1994, and is measurer for the 5.5, 6 and 12-Metre Class. His knowledge of the class is encyclopedic, he is a main stay in the class, no doubt about that.

Guy-Roland Perrin2022-10-03T10:59:01+01:00
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