Juliane Hempel

Chairman Technical Committe

Juliane is a Naval Architect, specialist in 6, 8 and 12-Metre yachts. One of the world’s leading experts in the Int. Rating Rule. A life time in the 8-Metres, past, present and future. She has been Techncal Committee member forever and her contributions are many. As a woman in a men’s world she stands firm with […]

Juliane Hempel2022-11-05T21:51:10+01:00

Murdoch McKillop

Executive Secretary

Murdoch is the executive secretary of IEMA. In preparation of the 2007 centennial celebrations at the Royal Northern & Clyde Yacht Club, Murdoch bought Lafayette with the aim to defend the honor of the home club on the Clyde. The one boat, two year campaign ended up as a 2 boat 14 year addiction. We all knew that would […]

Murdoch McKillop2022-11-28T16:23:00+01:00

Tom Knutsen

Executive Treasurer

Tom is taking over the role from Seraina as treasurer. He bought the famous red Eight from Peter Wilson, got hooked and set out to grow his fleet in Norway aiming and well underway for 10 boats in Oslo. He’s new to the class, in his own words, an old rookie, but he’s not new to making things happen. […]

Tom Knutsen2022-11-28T14:03:55+01:00

Werner Deuring

President of IEMA

Werner is continuing his job and role as president in the executive committee. A fierce competitor at the World Champion who has won the World Cup, Coppa D’Italia, Sira Cup and competed for the Neptune Trophy. He has served on the Excom for some years now and his contributions to the class are many. An extraordinary bright leader and diplomat. […]

Werner Deuring2022-11-28T13:47:26+01:00

Terrence Brownrigg

Terrence Brownrigg – Scotland – elected 2014

Terence Brownrigg is a Scotsman in heart and soul, a former Commodore of the Royal Northern & Clyde Yacht Club, member of the Mudhook Yacht Club, a member of the IEMA executive committee and a highly valued International Juror at countless events around the world. No Class appreciates Terrence as […]

Terrence Brownrigg2023-05-10T10:42:05+01:00

Fred Meyer

Fred Meyer – Switzerland – Elected 2013

Fred Meyer served as president of IEMA from 1998 until 2013. He came on board a class which was near broke with a handful members and under his leadership and tireless enthusiasm he turned IEMA around to an association with 200 member boats around the world. Long term sponsorship agreements […]

Fred Meyer2023-05-10T10:41:36+01:00

John Lammerts van Bueren

Well, I started sailing before I was born and 8-Metres in 1989. Back in 1994 I started the 8-Metre Register and over a period of 23 years served as secretary and later president of IEMA. Lucky to have been part of it all, lucky to have raced and cruised moderns, classics, vintage and gaff Eights. I was lucky to work […]

John Lammerts van Bueren2023-05-08T16:32:04+01:00

Ced Gyles

Ced Gyles – Canada – elected 2010

Ced has been and, undoubtedly still is the driving force behind the Lake Ontario Fleet. He entered the class back in 1953 with the Fife 8-Metre Concerto and 56 years on he is still highly active racing his Norseman and remains committed with heart and soul to the class. He […]

Ced Gyles2023-05-10T10:41:09+01:00

Gaston Schmalz

Gaston Schmalz (France) – Elected honorary life member 2005

In recognition of his outstanding commitment and contributions to the International 8-Metre Class over a period extending 40 years the 2005 General Assembly of the International Eight Metre Association unanimously elected Gaston Schmalz as honorary life member of this association.

For almost 50 years Gaston has been […]

Gaston Schmalz2023-05-10T10:38:30+01:00

Karl Johan Hertell

Karl Johan Hertell – Finland – Elected 2002

In recognition of his outstanding contributions to th International 8-Metre Class over a period  extending 30 years the 2002 General Assembly of the International Eight Metre Association unanimously elected Karl-Johan Hertell as honory life member of this association.

Karl Johan (Joni) Hertell as served as president and executive […]

Karl Johan Hertell2023-05-10T10:43:20+01:00
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