At the end of 2022 we started with 1 post and just under 200 followers on the “8mrclass” account on instagram. since January 30th we have lift of and are just over 2 months busy and 80 % more followers and just under 20 posts. but more is coming. we will shortly post on a very regular interval and once […]


Facebook Group

The official IEMA Facebook group was setup on March 16th 2013.  Here, like on an open forum, all members contribute to a lively discusion and sharing of news about 8 metre class yachts. The  group has at the end of 2022 more than 3.800 members. As an 8mR enthusiast, you can become a member of this group. Asking for- and […]

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Facebook page

This Page was setup on march 16th 2013 and is moderated by the class secretary and some trusted and enthusiastic members. This page is also used to share official notices and information.

8mr Class Facebook page
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