Centenary 1924 Olympic Regattas Program

On the occasion of the Paris 2024 Olympic Games, the commemoration of the Centenary of the Regattas of the 1924 Olympic Games will take place in Lorient and Port-Louis, in Morbihan (France) from June 3rd to 9th 2024.

The programme will include 5 days of regattas, with an anniversary and heritage day, for the passing of the Olympic torch in the presence of the 8M and 6M fleet. The French 8mR fleet will be made up of 10 boats, including Blue Red, she represented Argentina in 1924.

We invite 8mRs who wish to join this great celebration of the Olympic Games, as well as all those who participated or won in the Olympic Games from 1908 to 1948. (We hope that BERA, Gold Medal 1924, will be able to attend.)

For this centenary, we shall benefit from the largest offshore sailing racing port on the Atlantic coast in Lorient. On June 6, the 8mR fleet will welcome the Olympic torch. A series of events are on the programme for this centenary: visit to the pontoons by the public, presentation of the boats and their history, visit to the city of sailing, conference on the 100 years of sailing at the Olympic Games, parade navigation to Port-Louis, inauguration of a Virginie Heriot exhibition, gala evening etc.

For those 8mR arriving by road, and those who intend to go to Scotland for the World Cup, it will be possible to store the boats in excellent conditions in Lorient while awaiting departure. We dearly hope that IEMA will be associated to this important event in the life of the Eight Metre Class. Without doubt a great opportunity for the French fleet to reconnect with IEMA for the future. Welcome to IEMA.

The website for this event will open in November. We remain at your disposal.

Programme and location.


Olivier Champeaux
President AMA

Stefan 0’Reilly Hyland
Vice President AMA

Hugues Chataigné
General Secretary AMA

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