Corinthian Trophy

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This trophy was formally known as the Anker Trophy and was acquired on behalf of the International Eight Metre Association (IEMA) at an auction in Sweden in 2022.

This trophy has been presented by a number of Members led by by Werner Deuring, the then President of IEMA, for annual competition at the IEMA World Cup Regattas.

The Corinthian Trophy will be competed for annually within the World Cup.


Reclaiming the Anker Trophy

The story of the reclaiming of the originally Anker Trophy starts with a hint from our long-term friend of the Class – Bobby Cyrus in Stockholm to John Lammerts van Bueren who immediately warned the IEMA ExCom about the precious moment coming up.
Bobby had snapped up the Trophy being up for re-auctioning at an auction house in Uppsala, north of Stockholm.
Well aware of the situation John contacted ExCom member Tom Knutsen in Oslo, Norway to handle the matter of securing the old trophy for the IEMA – where it definitely belongs. John distributed the message Worldwide that Tom should handle the auction on behalf of the IEMA and that we wanted no bidding competition from anyone in Tom’s upcoming fight to secure the Trophy.

The day arose in November 2022 and the Internet auction started. Little happened before the auction time frame for the Anker Trophy was about to expire – then Tom gave in his first, low bid. Immediately a competitive bid was entered from a till this day unknown bidder and Toms knees started shivering. Tom waited as long as he dared to before entering a new bid. Time passed and the auctioneer messaged that no further bids were entered. The auctioneer closed the bidding and the IEMA had won as we should.

Several commercial and customs related formalities were handled back and forth with the auction house and after a fortnight the Anker Trophy finally arrived by courier at Tom’s premises in Oslo.

Under superb guidance of Honorary Class Member Terence Brownrigg the Deed of Gift for the Trophy was established. The IEMA ExCom decided in December 2022 that the formerly Anker Trophy should from now on serve as the perpetual Corinthian Trophy of the 8mR Class.

The story of the Anker Trophy

Produced by silver smith company David Andersen, the oldest and largest silversmith company in Norway with a company history back to 1876. The Trophy was made back in 1918 in Oslo by Style Jurgend. The Trophy was made in 830 silver with-pearls.
standing ca 47cm tall with a weight of ca 1692 grams

First name
Perpetual trophy for yacht racing, ‘PERPETUAL TROPHY 8mR’
(engraved under the lid)

Later called the
Anker Trophy
and taken over by the Stockholm Yacht Club in 1979.

Engraved texts:
1922 JOHAN ANKER with “BERA”
1923 HANS TH. KJÆR with “RANJA”
1924 HANS TH. KJÆR with “RANJA”

Later engravings

(The Anker trophy) donated by the Stockholm Yacht Club 1979

1979 ‘Orm’ A. Philipson
1980 ‘Flawless’ K. Hjortelius
1981 ‘Ormgas’ G. Frick
1982 ‘Jean Chri’ U. Sjöström
1983 ‘Jean Chri’ U. Sjöström
1985 ‘Jean Chri’ U. Sjöström

Corinthian Trophy 2023 –

2023 Jean Fabre with Yquem II