Eights for Sale

As a class, we want to promote the 8mR yachts worldwide and help our members with finding an 8mR yacht or a new Custodian. Therefore, Yachts of owners who are paying racing member of IEMA are able to list their Eight on the IEMA website for free.

Under this listing of Eights for Sale you can find the list of recently Acquired, Build, Restored or re-Activated Eights

You can either directly click on the name and go to the detailed page of that Eight Metre Yacht or click on the button below to see the new For Sale page of the International Eight Metre Association as a whole.

Eights Acquired

Here is the list with Eight Metre Yachts that have been –
Aquired, Build, Restored or Reactivated recently.
Since January 2021

Number Boat Name Sail number Year Build Division Country Status Since
1 Vision KC 3 1930 Neptune Italy Restored 2021
2 Bona ITA 16 1934 Neptune Italy Reactivated 2022
3 Starling Burgess GER 16 2021 Sira Germany Newly Build 2021
4 Ayana Ger 6 1947 Sira Germany Reactivated 2022
5 Fulmar K22 1930 Neptune Scotland Restored 2022
6 Severn SUI 2 1929 / 2009 Neptune Switserland Acquired 2022
7 Marina Flyer FRA 68 1987 Modern France Acquired 2023
8 Glana SUI 4 1946 Neptune Switserland Acquired 2022
9 Bera AUT 12 1922 Neptune Austria Acquired 2022
10 Emily K 1 1924 Neptune France Acquired 2022
11 Couer Vaillant F 9 Neptune - Acquired 2023
12 Suzette K 24 1930 Neptune France Acquired 2022
13 Osborne E 17 1828 - Acquired 2022
14 Ibis NOR 29 1928 Sira Norway Acquired 2022
15 Svanevit F 13 1939 Neptune France Acquired 2023
16 Aria ITA 17 1934 Neptune Italy Reactivated 2023
17 Katrina FIN 14 1939 Sira Finland Acquired 2023
18 Finola P 107 1930 - Acquired 2023
19 Fenris N 28 1929 Sira Norway Acquired 2023
20 Windy FIN 8 1927 SIra Finland Acquired 2023
21 Yucca US 26 1937 USA Aquired 2023
22 Laila S 18 1928 USA New Ownership 2021
23 Unda 8 1914 First Rule Denmark Restored 2023
24 Mirabelle AUS 8 2013 Modern Australia Aquiered 2020
25 Vanessa AK 9 1927 Australia Under Restoration 2024
26 Ierne H 17 1909 First Rule France Aquiered 2024


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