February updates on the website

There have been some nice updates on the website. all put online today.


A Classic Boat Magazine from back in 2006 about the Centenary Race in Shortland back in 2007. so now all Classic Boat Magazine articles will be grouped together. specially since I heard a whisper of a new one coming shortly about a nice successful restoration project. so keep an eye out at your magazine store and our news updates.

I published 2 old IEMA irregular newsletters “Eighm@il” from 2004 and 2007 under the new submenu Eight Mail under Stories. And as a result, all other stories that we have and the ones we are planning will be added to bed time reading.


Finally we started to be active on our Instagram channel @8mrclass. And for those without Instagram under Galleries you can find all pictures also under menu item Instagram as a gallery.

2 further galleries were added

Hope you enjoy this update and till next time.

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