Here I will try to explain how to add content to the website; therefore start with the images and or documents first

  1. Images
  2. Documents
  3. note external links
  4. Make post
Start the work:
  1. We start with the images and documents that we will include in our posts
  2. check the size and quality of the image [minimal preferred image size in pixels ]
  3. rename the image file name to something understandable and unique for the site
    1. the first part of the name will always start with: 8mr-iema-
    2. then the subject of the picture: i.e. falcon-k20-spinnaker-run-to-the-finnish-
    3. then if we know who took the picture : i.e. photo-by-james-robinson-taylor

The result should look then like :


Then go to the Media menu item in the website dashboard and find the right directory or make it and upload the image

so under the directory People every one has there own directory


before uploading a pdf to the website first rename it according to this website standards

  1. first part of the name is 8mr-iema-
  2. second bit is a description of the file : i.e. 2016-class-rules-
  3. third bit is version and date of the file : i.e. V-7.2-august-12th-2016
  4. the total should then look like : 8mr-iema-2016-class-rules-V-7.2-august-12th-2016.pdf

then upload it from the dashboard under Media, and find the right directory or make it. but make sure it makes sence. All Documents sit under the main Directory Documents

Making Content

Most new content is made as a POST and the with the right Category selected it will show up automatically under or on the right spot on the website. Like NEWS or to add a new person to one of the committees or a new national association.

so to start we go via the +New linking the top menubar and choose “POST

  1. Choose a Title, this has to be unique and descriptive and compact
  2. put the text in the text field
  3. select “news” on the right in the Category window
  4. choose a first featured image (this will be the small picture accompanying the news item
  5. choose a second featured image from the website backgrounds directory. this will be the news item background
  6. push Publish
  7. check result

The text of a news item should preferable be a minimum of characters and should include the title … [explanation of good SEO text).


email adresses and Telephone numbers ar put in under the TEXT tab to the right in this order

  • [encode link=”tel:+123456789909″]Contact me at +12 (0)345 678 909 [/encode]
this makes for a neat list and that the data is protected for scraping bots and therefore spam !!
Other Content

Post or Page

  1. News
  2. People
  3. Cups
  4. Associations

These items are listed on a Blog post page and should be edited or added on the specific post page of the person or item


these pages exist at the moment and content on here has to be edited on the page.

  1. About US
  2. Membership
  3. Upcoming events
  4. History
  5. Class Rules
  6. Contact
  7. Privacy

If we want other content on the website we should decide if it is a new page or a new blog post category…

All other items should be placed in or on a new page… more work have to describe this so for now just ask me (michiel Insinger)