Lara FIN 10

Lara is a 1929 Shermann Hoyt design built at the famous Nevins yard on City Island, New York. Lara sailed the East Coast of United States until late 1970’s, until sold to Toronto, Canada, where she actively raced at the Royal Canadian Yacht Club. In 1993 Lara was acquired to Helsinki, Finland, where she continued to race. Lara has had extensive work done over the years, including a new deck and cockpit, renewal of the underwater planks and interior. In 2020 Lara had a 18hp Yanmar diesel engine installed to make manoevring to port and short-handed easier. The engine has been installed so that it is reasonably easy to remove, if required, though there has not been noticeable effect to speed.

Lara has beautiful lines and is magically fast especially downwind and in light wind. Her hull is mahogany on oak frames with a teak deck. In the Worlds Lara races in the SIRA class, which is the largest sub-class. She has an aluminium mast and North Sales kevlar sails (incl. main, no 1, no 2 and no 3 and spinnakers). The running rigging and trims have been designed so that she is also easy to sail short-handed. The interior is stylish and has been fitted with four bunks, galley, chemical toilet and two portable mahogany caskets for cruising gear. During racing the caskets are left ashore making the cockpit spaceous for the crew.

Lara is an absolute joy to sail. She is a fast racer, but also fun to cruise. Lara is located in Helsinki, Finland. For more information and photos: Puuvene 8mR LARA purjevene 1929 – Helsinki – Nettivene

Price: 135.000EUR

Contact: Julia Rajala