Med Season 2023

Race to Imperia – Coppa Imperia – Regate Royale

After the 2023 World Cup

We have lift off, In promoting the class by working together with yacht club Italiano, yacht club d’Imperia and Yacht Club de Cannes and there are more races following the World Cup regatta in Genoa.

these are the races and regattas where we have organised support and, separate starts and or separate race courses and trophies.


Feeder race Genoa to Imperia

September 4 2023

Notice or race for Imperia and feeder races are published and can be found here

Coppa Imperia

September 6 till 9 2023

here you can find the link to the Coppa Imperia

Cannes Regate Royales

September 26 till 30 2023

here you can find the link to the Regates Royales

with Annexe E for 8mr class yachts