Norwegian Eight Metre Association

Morten Tenvig

The 8mR Class in Norway has a history back to 1807 when the Metre rule was instituted in Yacht racing.

The level of activity in the Norwegian Class has varied over the years. Before WWII the number of Norwegian 8mR yachts was extensive with designs from Johan Anker, Bjarne Aas and many more. The Sira Cup had a very positive impact on the Norwegian Class, that continued growing in numbers.

Several 8mR Neptun and Sira division boats have represented the Norwegian pocket over the years. Today we are a Class of 7 boats racing in the Oslofjord, 1 in Trondheim and 2 in Bergen.

CARRON K-2 – William Fife
FENRIS NOR-   1929 – Johan Anker
IF NOR-27 1930  – Bjarne Aas
IBIS NOR-35 1927 – Bjarne Aas (under restauration winter spring 22/23)
SIRA N-33 1938  – Johan Anker
THAMAR II N-  – Johan Anker (under restauration)
VERANO N-    – (under restauration)
ROLLO II N-   – (under restauration)

The 8mR World Cup has been hosted by the Royal Norwegian Yacht Club (KNS) at Hankö in 2003, 2008 and 2017.