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Social Media

The International Eight Metre Association also has an official presence on a couple of social media channels. Here is the list of the official channels and groups of the IEMA

Facebook page

This Page was setup on march 16th 2013 and is moderated by the class secretary and some trusted and enthusiastic members. This page is also used to share official notices and information.

8mr Class Facebook page

Facebook Group

The official IEMA Facebook group was setup on March 16th 2013.  Here, like on an open forum, all members contribute to a lively discusion and sharing of news about 8 metre class yachts. The  group has at the end of 2022 more than 3.800 members. As an 8mR enthusiast, you can become a member of this group. Asking for- and sharing of information is highly encouraged. However, be aware of the group rules, posts must be 8mR related.

8mr Class Facebook group


Till today we did not use our instagram account. We will start at the end of 2022 with just under 200 followers.

Other social media

In an ever evolving world, not only our yachts evolve over the years. Also the way we look for information changes. Therefore we are always actively looking for the best platforms to spread the information of IEMA and to engage owners, crew and enthusiasts.

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